Western Front Pilgrimage starting in Ypres with Flanders Flootsteps

Private William Hart’s war: a four-day/three-night tour


Just my father and me.


Western Front Pilgrimage – introductory tour of the Western Front Battlefields.

See where his uncle/my great uncle fought and died.


Research using war diaries, medal cards and census.

Plan travel with own car via Eurotunnel to Ypres and then the Somme.

Accommodation in B&Bs.

Call +44(0) 7733 338659 to speak to your guide

The itinerary below can be customised to your interests.

  • Day 1

    AM: Cross Channel by Eurotunnel.

    PM: Drive to Ypres; Salient Introduction – why fight for Ypres?

    EVENING: Accommodation – B&B in central Ypres.

  • Day 2

    AM: Museum – Flanders Field; War walk – Will Hart at Polygon Wood.

    PM: Pilgrimage – Will Hart on Tyne Cot memorial; Visit – Sanctuary Wood.

    EVENING: Menin Gate – Last Post ceremony.

  • Day 3

    AM: Drive to the Somme – visit Newfoundland Park, Beaumont Hamel.

    PM: Thiepval memorial; War walk – Will Hart goes ‘over the top’ on 1 July 1916.

    EVENING: Accommodation – B&B in La Boisselle.

  • Day 4

    AM: Visit – Lochnagar mine crater.

    PM: Drive to Calais; cross Channel by Eurotunnel.



I will act as your exclusive guide throughout.  I ask that you cover my travel and accommodation costs and I charge a daily fee, regardless of the number of customers (within reason).  This fee starts at £150 per day, depending on the complexity of the research involved.  In order for you to have as many options as possible, you choose and pay for your own:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drink

I can provide advice on a range of hotels, B&Bs and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.  I am also happy to make all bookings and arrangements.

Transport.  Driving on the Continent is normally a complete pleasure.  You can either travel in your own car(s), or I can arrange for the hire of a minivan and pick you up from the airport, station or port of your choice so you can relax and take in the scenery.

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While most smartphones work overseas, you might need to turn on international roaming service before you travel. Contact your carrier for information on coverage and voice and data plan options while travelling abroad.


Many hotels and public places have Wi-Fi and you’ll usually be able to stay connected throughout your journey.


Be sure to bring a global travel adapter set with you to recharge your electronics at your hotel.


Consult the Packing List and Baggage Restrictions specifics provided.  Ensure all bags have luggage tags.


Carry your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in their original containers in your carry-on luggage. Pack a simple first-aid kit along with medicines for motion sickness and mild upset stomach. 


We strongly recommend leaving valuables such as jewelry at home as Flanders Footsteps cannot be responsible. Replacing a lost or stolen passport is much easier if you have a copy on hand. Pack a photocopy of your passport’s personal information page with your luggage, and keep a photo of it on your smartphone.


Photography is not permitted in some locations, which are usually clearly marked. If in doubt, ask your guide.